*Lady Toxin’s Lab*

I see you have found your way to the starts of My Lab. I will be planning and preparing for a re-launch. In the meantime, hold tight, and stick around for the ride. The bumps are the best part, right?

I am always a Lady and expect to be treated as such. My amazingly aromatic feet will lure you in and seduce you to depths you couldn’t imagine. I am unique, and if you wish to be under My control, you will learn and adapt to My unique ways. I’m a bit of hard and soft, angel and devil, sweet and sadistic.

Be prepared to do things My way. Don’t assume you can “serve” Me just because you expressed an interest. There will be discussions, I will decide appropriate action, and you will obey.

I see through walls so don’t think your veil is worth anything. Always thank your Goddess for being such an exquisite creature and allowing you to worship, serve, and adorn with gifts. Attention is something earned. What are you bringing to the table?

3 thoughts on “*Lady Toxin’s Lab*

  1. hello M’Lady I am at Your site. as i stated in my first email i have a huge foot fetish especially for very sweaty smelly pantyhose feet that have been in boots for many hours. i would love to kneel before You and worship Your tired and smelly nylon feet as You wish M’Lady. i can be considered one of Your lower slaves that also lives for degradation and humiliation. i would worship Your armpits, butt whatever M’Lady. Your sweat is my owner. We can work something out concerning training and tribute M’Lady. r/t is good but only at times whereas online is better.


    diver from collarme

    1. bob, I would be delighted if you would fill out My application to serve, with an included face picture. I also need a better means of communicating. Go complete the form so we can begin chatting.

  2. Just wanted to say I never was a foot guy but I also wasn’t opposed to it either.
    I had no clue what Goddess would do to me. I have become a total foot/scent slut for her. I didn’t even see it coming I was completely blindsided by Her amazing way to completly get in me in so many ways.
    A word of advice to the doubters.

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