What Can You Do For Me?

When you want to do something for Me, you should first wish to gain My attention. I love surprises and gifts and goodies, so let’s get that smile on My face! Now… I might have a few seconds to spare. What did you want to do for Me?

Erotic Entertainment:
* Armpit Worship
* Foot Worship
* High Heel Worship
* Leather Worship
* Leg Worship
* Nylon/Pantyhose Worship
* Shoe Worship
* Sock Worship

* Chastity and Key Holding
* Face Slapping
* Hair Pulling
* Man Handling
* Trampling

S, S, S, S, M, M, M
* Candle wax
* Caning
* Electric Play
* Flogging
* Nipple Torture
* Paddling